OUR PRODUCTS: Moist, delicious cupcakes!

See why Kira's Kiss Desserts™ are Just Better.™

Mini "Cuppies" are 0.6 oz: Most cupcakes this size or smaller avg. 150-300 cals., 40-50% fat, and 25-40 g sugar

You have never tried anything like these desserts. Our specially formulated treats are all-natural, additive- and preservative-free, and have no trans-fats, providing a lower-calorie, health-conscious option without sacrificing any of the fabulous gourmet taste you crave. Our proprietary baking techniques and recipes allow us to create lush, voluminous, rich treats that are filled with full, creamy symphonic flavor. You will never experience a trace of the flatness, "gumminess" or chemical aftertaste common with typical "diet" options. With a strong focus on the nutritionals, however, these delectable treats will not only satisfy your palate - they won't destroy your diet! Our No Sugar Added line is now being offered, and our first products are being offered in the following flavors:


A rich, chocolately confection with lush mouth-feel, we made the best dark chocolate cake ever (really!), then topped it with a mound of unbelievable chocolate buttercream. Will crush even the most hardcore chocolate craving.

To anyone who doubts pumpkin pie can be heaven on earth, we dare you to try this meltingly light pumpkin delight, topped with a dollop of whipped cream. It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore - but, wow, will you be thankful!

Think vanilla is boring? You've never tried ours - if vanilla beans are a vintage, we use the vintner's reserve, then add the perfect amount of sweet and spice to make this more than anyone's "also-ran" flavor. Add to that a luscious swirl of vanilla buttercream, and this vanilla is a front-runner flavor in everyone's book!